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Specialty Services

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Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management

Do you have a lab that needs outside support. The combination of our experience and success in lab management make us the right partner for betway online sports bettingyou. Our team of professionals provide a wide range of lab management services to help make your operation successful:

  • Lab Design 
  • Lab Equipment Specification
  • Staff Training
  • Accreditation Consulting
  • Complete Lab Management and Oversight


PRI offers a variety of training services. Our training services can be tailored to your company needs or general industry education. Some of our unique training programs include:
  • Laboratory Technician Training
  • Equipment Training
  • Material / Product Training
  • Small or Large Group Webinars or Seminars
  • Standards and Regulations Training
Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP)

PRI can help your business obtain Intellectual Property Betway blackjack casinoRights or Patents for your materials or formulations. We will help protect the innovations you have created and allow your company to benefit from them.

Often these innovations and new technologies arise from Research and Development conducted for clients by PRI, so it's a natural progression for PRI to complete the process by helping to secure Intellectual Property and Patents for those clients.

Some of our additional Specialty Services include:

  • Documentation Services
    • Technical Literature Development - Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
    • Technical Publication Development
    • Marketing Material Development
  • Laboratory Planning Services
    • Consultation
    • Plans Review
    • Technical Training

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