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Technical Literature

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Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP)

PRI can help your business obtain Intellectual Property Rights or Patents for your materials or formulations. We will help protect the innovations you have created and allow your company to benefit from them.

Often these innovations and new technologies arise from Research and Development conducted for clients by PRI, so it's a natural progression for PRI to complete the process by helping to secure Intellectual Property and Patents for those clients.

Below in an abbreviated list of Patents that PRI has secured:

  • “Asphalt Roofing Compositions Especially Adopted for Cold Applications" (an elastomer-modified roof adhesive); Patent #5,004,772
  • “Bituminous Compositions Having Enhanced Performance Properties,” Patent #5,711,796
  • “Cold Patch Using Recycled Roofing Waste,” Patent #5,236,497
  • “Fire Retardant Plastic Construction Material,” Patent #5,658,972
  • "Method for Controlling Low Temperature Performance of Asphaltic Compositions," Patent #08/623,329
  • “Performance-Modified Betway blackjack casinoAsphalt Products Using Recycled Roofing Waste,” Patent #5,217,530
  • “Performance-Modified Cold Applied Asphalt Composition,” Patent #5,340,391
  • “Surfactant Modified Bituminous Emulsions,” Patent #5,224,990

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